The following scheduled event failed to run

WP Rocket will display a notice if scheduled events are not running as expected. This can indicate that cron may not be working properly on your site.

scheduled event failed notice

The following scheduled event failed to run. This may indicate the CRON system is not running properly, which can prevent some WP Rocket features from working as intended:

Scheduled Cache Purge

Please contact your host to check if CRON is working.

In some cases, this could be a false positive if the event just runs a little later than expected.

If you see this notice in your admin, please check the following:

  • Setting up a cron job on your server is the most reliable way to run scheduled events. Find out how to do that in our guide.
  • If you have already disabled wp-cron in your wp-config.php file, make sure it has been replaced with a server cron, as mentioned in the guide above.
  • If you have done these things but are seeing the notice anyway, please contact your host to check if and why cron is not working as expected. 
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