3.8 - Avada and Google Maps

🚀 This issue was fixed in WP Rocket 3.8.1

This affects customers using: 

  • Avada theme + Google Maps
  • Load JavaScript Deferred

In WP Rocket 3.8 we are now deferring a Google Maps file that we were not previously. 

If you are using the Avada theme and their Google Maps shortcode, the map will not display correctly. 

This will be fixed automatically in the future, in a minor WP Rocket update.

Meanwhile, the solution is to exclude both jQuery (if it's not already excluded) and the Google Maps file. 

In WP Rocket go to File Optimization > Load JavaScript Deferred > Excluded JavaScript Files and enter: 

  • /jquery-?[0-9.]*(.min|.slim|.slim.min)?.js (this may already be present if you updated from a previous WP Rocket version)
  • maps.googleapis.com

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