Error: It seems that the advanced-cache.php file is not ours

If you're seeing this error message in your WP admin:

you should check the following in order to resolve it. 

1) Check that your  advanced-cache.php file contains the correct define mode

define( 'WP_ROCKET_ADVANCED_CACHE', true );

2) If the define mode is ok, check the file permissions

CHMOD should be defined as 644 or 664.

Now refresh the admin page and check if the error message is gone.

3) If you still see the error, probably the issue lies in your wp-settings.php file

If you have manually edited the wp-settings.php file so that it doesn't make any reference to the advanced-cache.php file, it will create the error. In the example below, the file was edited to remove some code:

To solve it, you have to restore the block of code referring to the advanced-cache.php file :

In general, it is a bad practice to edit WordPress core files directly as it can create problems. This is just one example. 

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