Presales FAQs - RocketCDN

How much does it cost?

If you already have a WP Rocket subscription, then the standard price is $7.99/month/domain or $79/year/domain (excluding VAT) although there may be promotional pricing periods sometimes. 

Do note, that while WP Rocket is not a requirement to use RocketCDN and can be purchased as a separate service, the price will be slightly higher than the standard ones highlighted above. You may check RocketCDN prices on the pricing page here

There is no free trial period, but you may request a refund within 24 hours after the subscription. If you cancel the monthly subscription at a later date, when the billing month has already started, you will be charged for the full month in any case. 

The annual RocketCDN subscription is paid all at once for the whole year. It's important that you test it and if needed, request a refund within 24 hours after the subscription because there are no partial refunds for the annual RocketCDN subscription.

Cancelation of a RocketCDN subscription will immediately stop the CDN service, and files on your website will no longer be served from the RocketCDN.

What payment methods do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, and American Express via Stripe.

At the moment it is not possible to use PayPal to pay for RocketCDN. We’re considering that for the future, but we don’t have a timeframe for it at the moment.

Can I pay for multiple subscriptions with different cards?

No, it's one card to rule them all. Each RocketCDN subscription is directly linked to a WP Rocket account. For example, if you have a Plus license, you may have a RocketCDN subscription for each of your sites, but they will be connected to your main WP Rocket account and will need to use the same credit card. If you update the payment method for any site's RocketCDN subscription, it will affect all your subscriptions.

Can I use RocketCDN on unlimited sites?

No. Each site requires its own RocketCDN subscription. Therefore, if you have a staging site and a production site, you won't be able to transfer RocketCDN between them, you should subscribe using your production site.

Can I use RocketCDN without WP Rocket?

Yes! We offer RocketCDN as a separate service too. You can subscribe to RocketCDN from here: Get RockeCDN

Heads up: If you have WP Rocket already installed on your site, you must subscribe from WP Rocket. The other method will not work and you will pay less ;)

Can I use RocketCDN on a website that is currently only an IP address?

No, RocketCDN won’t work on a website that is only an IP address. It will need a real domain name.

Do you offer CNAME customization, aka a “vanity URL”?

No. We decided to not offer the CNAME customization because:

  • It would require a valid SSL certificate that supports subdomains on your side, the lack of which can affect the CDN’s functionality.
  • There isn’t any real benefit from having one except for avoiding SEO penalties for duplicate content. To avoid this we automatically set canonical headers.

Can I use RocketCDN in addition to Cloudflare?

Yes, you can use RocketCDN and Cloudflare together, simply because they’re different. Cloudflare is not a traditional CDN (technically speaking, it’s a proxy) therefore it’s possible to use it at the same time as RocketCDN, simply by activating and setting WP Rocket's Cloudflare add-on.

Cloudflare provides other useful features related to security, for example. RocketCDN will take care of delivering static files - JS, CSS, images - to your visitors from servers close to them. 

The benefit of RocketCDN is that we’ve created the service to configure everything optimally for you. We do the following automatically: 

  • Create your unique CNAME - (this cannot be changed or customized.)
  • Apply GZIP compression
  • Apply CORS headers for webfont compatibility
  • Set a cache-control browser cache header
  • Serve assets over HTTP/2

RocketCDN also provides these benefits:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
    We reserve the right to disable your RocketCDN Url if we detect bandwidth overuse
  • All CDN files automatically served over HTTPS
  • SSL Traffic included
  • All PoPs (Points of Presence) included

If you’re trying to choose only one service to use, we cannot say which is better, they are simply different, so you would have to perform tests to check the results for your specific site.

Will I have to change the DNS of my server?

No, no need to change your DNS or anything else on your server.

Did you really build your own CDN network from scratch?

No, RocketCDN runs through Bunny CDN's already established and reliable network.

So, what's the difference between RocketCDN and Bunny CDN?

RocketCDN provides a convenient and fast, one-click setup. We take care of the ideal setup automatically so you don't have to spend any time on it. If you go through Bunny CDN directly, it requires manual configuration. If you have only one site it will be cheaper to use RocketCDN. For multiple sites, Bunny CDN is cheaper, although you'll invest more time in setup.

What are RocketCDN's edge locations/points of presence?

RocketCDN is available in the same 120+ locations as Bunny CDN. The exception is China, where our addresses are blocked.

What file types does RocketCDN cache?

RocketCDN doesn't cache HTML files, but it caches the following file types:

 Static Files
Common files Images Fonts Video Audio

Can I use RocketCDN and Jetpack Site Accelerator?

No. You should disable Jetpack site accelerator when using RocketCDN. 

Can I use Amazon S3 with RocketCDN?

Amazon S3 can't be used with another CDN provider like RocketCDN. You can't mix a PUSH CDN with a PULL CDN. You have to choose between them.

Will my site benefit from a CDN?

A CDN will be of benefit in these situations:

  • Your website receives visitors from all over the world
  • Your own server doesn't have enough resources. In this case, offloading static files to a CDN could be of benefit.

In most cases, if your site is already hosted on a server that is in the same geographic region as your visitors, you do not need a CDN.

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