Referral program

If you love WP Rocket, you can benefit by spreading the word!

How does it work?

You send your unique referral URL to your friend.

The referral URL should be shared privately and individually to friends, and not publicly posted on social media or displayed on websites.

If your friend clicks and purchases through that link, you will get 2 months added to your license, per person that buys WP Rocket through your link.
Your friend will be able to buy WP Rocket at a discount. You will be notified via email if your friend makes a purchase through your link.

Conditions for referrers

  • Your free months will only be awarded 14 days after your friend's purchase - i.e. after the refund period.
  • You will be rewarded for a maximum of 20 referrals per year.
  • Your own license must be valid! You will not be rewarded free months if your license has expired.
  • Affiliates cannot use the referral program.

Conditions for referees

Referees will get WP Rocket at a discounted price even if the person who referred them has an expired license.

When buying WP through the referrer URL, referees will receive the following discount:

  • 10% discount on the Single license.
  • 15% discount on the Plus license.
  • 20% discount on the Infinite license.

The discount is only valid for new license purchases (no upgrades, no renewals).

When there is a promotion happening on the WP Rocket website, such as Black Friday, or similar, the referee will automatically receive the promotional discount instead of the standard referral discount. The referral discount will not be applied in addition to the promotional discount.

Note: Our affiliate program is still running and available here:

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