WP Rocket Release Process

Staggered Release Process

WP Rocket has a process of staggering the release of new major versions of the plugin (and sometimes for minor versions as well). This means that we will make a new version available to a small percentage of randomly selected customers before it is fully released for all customers. We do this to get feedback on the release and ensure there are no unforeseen issues that we did not find in our testing process. The percentage is increased over time depending on our level of confidence. 

Usually the staggered release will last 1-2 weeks before going into a full release and becoming available to all customers.

If the latest version available to you does not match the latest version on our changelog, this is probably the reason why.

Once a new release is available to everyone we send an announcement email, and you can always check our blog or Twitter for the release announcement.

"Rocket Tester" Beta Program

Before releasing a major version of the plugin, we release a Beta to those customers who have indicated they would be interested in testing early versions. The Beta has been internally tested by our team to screen for bugs, but since our plugin is used on a great variety of sites in combination with thousands of themes and plugins, we cannot reproduce every possible scenario. Beta testing can help reveal any other issues before final release. 

If you are interested in Beta testing, go to WP Rocket > Dashboard and enable Rocket Tester:

The next time we release a Beta, you will receive an update notification on your plugins page, as with any plugin update.

Betas should be activated on staging/testing sites, not live production sites. If you experience any issue, please contact our support with as much information as you can so that we can fix the problem as quickly as possible. 

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