Resolving Issues With CSS Minify / Combine

To resolve display issues that may occur when CSS Minify /Combine is active, please take the following steps:

  1. Install the Blue Button Chrome Extension:
  2. Visit the page on your site with the CSS issue, and add ?nowprocket to the URL, e.g
    This bypasses WP Rocket, so that you can find the original URLs (unmodified by WP Rocket) of all CSS files. 
  3. Click the Blue Button in your Chrome toolbar, then click Stylesheets:

    This gives you a list of all CSS files loaded on that page. 

  4. Copy the list of files, then go to WP Rocket Settings > File Optimization and paste the list into the Excluded CSS Files field:

  5. Excluding files from external domains
    Files from external domains can be excluded either by the domain name or the full file URL.
    e.g. to exclude:

    You may use either:

  6. Save the settings and check your site, in a logged-out or incognito window. It should now be displaying correctly.
  7. Now remove each file from the list, one-at-a-time. After each removal, save the settings and check your site. Repeat this until the website is broken again.
  8. When the website breaks, replace the last removed file back into the list and move onto the next file.

Note: this method can also be used for issues with JS Minify/Combine (by choosing Scripts in Blue Button), but the method described here is faster.

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