Facebook Pixel Add-On

⛔️ Deprecated: This add-on was removed in WP Rocket 3.9. Enable Delay JavaScript Execution to improve performance.

When you use a Facebook pixel on your site, it will cause browser caching warnings in PageSpeed, GT Metrix and other performance testing tools: 

The Facebook Pixel Add-on resolves this by storing the necessary files on your server, so browser caching will be applied to them. 

Please note that WP Rocket's Facebook Pixel Add-on doesn't replace or manage the Facebook Pixel integration in your website. You'll still need to use a plugin for the integration, some customers may use custom or theme's integration too.

This add-on's final goal is to store the tracking files locally (in your server) and add the right browser cache rules to them.

Activate the Facebook Pixel Add-On

Go to the  Add-ons tab in WP Rocket and simply toggle the Facebook Pixel Add-on to on:

We target these files and their variations:


The local files will be stored in the  /wp-content/cache/busting/facebook-tracking/ folder.

Note: The recommended Facebook and WooCommerce plugin integrations, and the Pixel Caffeine plugin are supported, but Google Tag Manager and Pixel Your Site are not. 

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