Reducing the Number of Minified Files

WP Rocket combines minified files into little groups for better compatibility and performance. Generally speaking, a greater number of smaller files usually would perform faster than a smaller number of larger files. That is because browsers can download multiple files in parallel.

So reducing the number of HTTP requests on your website will not always lead to faster page loads. However, if you still would like to combine all CSS and JavaScript into as few files as possible, you can use a WP Rocket setting to do that.

This setting can reduce the number of HTTP requests on your website, but depending on your setup of theme and plugins, it can also lead to broken functionality.

Heads up! Test this setting thoroughly and make sure no functionality is broken on your site. If you notice any issues after activating this setting, deactivate it again and those issues should be resolved.

Go to Static Files → Combine files and check Combine all [CSS or JavaScript] files into as few files as possible.