Pages Aren't Cached When WooCommerce Geolocation Enabled

When you enable the WooCommerce Geolocation feature, it appends a query string like the following to all urls: 

/? v=7516fd43adaa

By default WP Rocket does not cache pages with query strings - in this case, "v" is the query string. 
So basically all pages with those urls are not being cached and are therefore slow. 

To make it work: 

  1. In WooCommerce General options, make sure you have selected "Geolocate with page caching support"
  2. In the Advanced options of WP Rocket, find this box: Cache pages that use the following query strings (GET parameters): 
  3. In this box enter:  v

After you have done this, you will then see the usual indicators that caching is working, as described here:
How To Check If WP Rocket Is Caching Your Pages