Disable Preload Bot

Sometimes the Preload bot can cause a spike in CPU usage or other issues, especially if your server does not have enough resources, and/or if you have a lot of links on your homepage that our bot then will attempt to visit.

WP Rocket 2.8 and later

In version 2.8 of WP Rocket, we added the ability to deactivate the preload bot  directly from the Preload tab of WP Rocket’s Settings page:

Note: In case you have Sitemap Preloading option activated you can try to increase URL crawl interval period, since it can solve the problem. URL Crawl Interval

WP Rocket before v2.8

To resolve this issue, the preload bot can be disabled in 4 possible ways:

Install a Plugin

Download this plugin zip file and upload the zip via the WordPress admin as normal:  Plugins  Add New  Upload Plugin

Click to Download the Disable Preload Bot Plugin

After activating it, de-activate and re-activate WP Rocket. 

Let Us Know, We’ll Do it for You

File a support ticket and let us know about the issues you’re seeing. We will disable the preload bot for your website from our end.

-OR- Disable Preload Bot via Custom MU Plugin

Follow the general instructions in this article:
How to Make a Custom (MU) Plugin

Create a folder named mu-plugins in your wp-content folder.
In case a mu-plugins folder already exists, don’t create a new one, just use the existing one.
Using a basic text editor create a new file and put the following code in it:
 * Plugin Name: WP Rocket | Disable Preload Bot
 * Description: Prevents WP Rocket’s preload bot from visiting your site.
 * Author:      your name here
 * License:     GNU General Public License v3 or later
 * License URI: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.html

defined( 'ABSPATH' ) or die( 'Cheatin&#8217; uh?' );

add_filter( 'do_run_rocket_bot', '__return_false' );
Save the file as wp-rocket-disable-bot.php
Upload this file to the mu-plugins folder created in step 1.
Finally, make sure to deactivate and re-activate WP Rocket.

-OR- Disable Preload Bot from Your Theme

Place the below snippet in the functions.php of your child theme or custom theme.

add_filter( 'do_run_rocket_bot', '__return_false');